File Extensions and Spam, Viruses, Malware
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How File Extensions are affected by Spam, Viruses, And Malware
It is inevitable that the majority of computer users will come across new file types on a fairly regular basis. Obviously, the more files you receive, the more likely it is that this will happen.

It is important to realize the risks before opening files that are delivered by email or that you download from the Internet. While the majority of files may be safe to open and use it would be nave to believe that this will always be the case so some care must be taken in these instances.
Care should always be taken when opening email extensions from unknown senders. A good rule of thumb is to completely ignore them without a valid reason for being sent that can be checked and verified before opening the file.

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Unfortunately, certain viruses or worms are spread using the contact email address book of infected computers. This means that spurious looking emails with unwarranted attachments even from people you do know should also be treated with extreme caution.
The fact is that viruses and other malicious software and code can be spread using a huge variety of file extensions. Vigilance should be concentrated more on the sender of the email and the content of the email rather than the type of file that has been delivered. Where it is possible to preview the file using third party software this may provide a safer alternative to opening the file properly and fully, although again some viruses can still be contracted in this way.
Always ensure that you can view file types of attachments and other files before opening them. Look for misleading file names as being a very good sign of possible infection. For example, a virus may be named pictures.mpg but in actual fact be a .exe file. By showing file extensions this would be displayed as pictures.mpg.exe – this should immediately ring alarm bells and prevent you from opening the file.

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It may be possible to repair the file extension associations in the Windows Registry.

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