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Erase Windows History
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All of your activity is tracked and a record of it is stored on your computer.  The web tracks include the browser cache, the browser history, the address bar history, cookies, and the auto-complete history.

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Specifically, a record of the keywords typed into search bars, URLs typed into browser bars, the identifiers from every web page visited, and the information from the web pages is stored on the computer.  One of the reasons behind this specific type of storage is to allow for quicker loading of web pages. 

In fact, a lot of people prefer not to clear their web tracks for this reason.

Having the information stored on your computerís hard drive allows web pages to load more quickly.  Additionally, it allows the computer user to take advantage of the information stored in the drop down menus of the address and search bars.  Why would anyone want to take longer to surf the net, when they could take less time?

Since your personal information including e-mail addresses, passwords, and account numbers are stored in the auto-complete file, anyone who has access to your personal computer, also has access to those.  This means that anyone who borrows your computer, even if it is only for a few minutes, can have access to your stored passwords, as well as other personal information.  Additionally, this means that particular versions of spyware can also access your personal data.

Clearing the web tracks from your machine erases your personal data and protects the security of your information.  Web tracks should be erased either with a web tracks eraser such as ParetoLogic Privacy Controls- or to a limited extent can be done manually.

Manual removal is an excellent way to begin, but it does not accomplish complete removal.  In order to Completely remove and overwrite all deleted data you need an automatic deletion tool such as ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.

NOTE: there are a number of ways for anyone with access to your computer, to check your internet history and images viewed in Internet Explorer, even after you use all possible manual removal methods. For example the index.dat file is always in use by Windows and therefore, cannot be cleared with manual removal. Also, there are a number of easy to find tools that will uncover recent history, reveal passwords and even restore and repair image files- to see what PC users have really been viewing online.

Professional privacy management tools like ParetoLogic Privacy Controls will do a thorough job of removing the web tracks, beyond recovery by anyone who uses your computer and with no traces left for even forensic software to uncover. We highly recommend ParetoLogic Privacy Controls and have provided a free download link below.

For a limited time you can download ParetoLogic Privacy Controls Absolutely FREE! 
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