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1. Advanced AntiSpyware Protection Software for home and business
Recommended solutionXoftSpySE Free Download
Malicious and Annoying Program Removal. Antispyware solutions are likely the most mis-understood pc tool category. Antispyware protection has expanded to cover, popup generators, trojans, many malicious viruses, browser redirects and sneaky activex drive by attacks. Of course Spyware is now synonymous with Adware, Malware and Rogue Spyware pretenders. The pretenders are the rogue AntiSpyware products that make exacerbated claims about fixing you PC and washing your dishes all from the same pctool. Please be very careful when selecting an AntiSpyware product. We have tested dozens of the big names like SpySweeper, spyware doctor, Adaware, spybot and more. The clear winner is XoftspySE by ParetoLogic. ParetoLogic employs 62 programmers and threat researches that comb tens of thousands of networks and honeypots the world over, for the slightest clue of emerging threats. Zero-hour protection is the utopian ideal of AntiSpyware researches, with Paretologic's Zheng Spyder crawlers searching the web for sketchy webmaster antics and rogue programs, XoftspySE will continue to lead the Antispyware quest for consumer protection. I would highly recommend that you stay away from most Antispyware and Registry Cleaners. Although there are a few good ones out there, there are thousands more that have the marketing sweet-talk pitch down pat, but will do far far more harm than good. Examples of common Rogue AntiSpyware programs are spywarequake, winfixer, pestrap, spytrooper, spyfalcon, adwarepunisher, spy arsenal and others.

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