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Norton 360
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How To Install Norton 360

Norton 360 Introduction – The All In One Protection And Performance Suite

Norton 360 is a powerful all-in-one Internet security suite. It provides a complete package to protect you and your computer while you are online as well as a staggering array of useful tools to help optimize the performance and life of your PC. Despite protecting against viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, spam, and phishing emails it is also surprisingly lightweight in terms of system requirements and usage giving many users another good reason to purchase this already impressive suite of software applications.

Close Down Applications And Disconnect From The Internet

Before you begin installation it is strongly advised that you close down any other applications you are running. Because the installation will need to write to the registry this can help to prevent failed installations and other problems that can occur. You will also need to ensure that your computer is fully connected to the Internet so that Norton 360 can automatically update once the installation has completed. This ensures that you have the latest software and the latest definition and signature database downloads.

Installation Method

Installation can be carried out by either using a disk or a file that you have downloaded from the Norton website. Both work in similar ways once the installation begins. Purchasing online and downloading the file means that you can get immediate protection without having to leave your home along with all the other benefits of online shopping.

Beginning Installation

To begin installation from a CD place the CD in the appropriate drive on your computer. Alternatively if you downloaded the application then you should double click on the installation file that you received. Both steps will present you with the same opening interface and installation will continue in the same way from here on.

In the main panel select the “Install Norton 360” option.

When presented with the user agreement ensure that you have read it fully and then enter your Product Activation Key in the appropriate box. Click “I Agree” to continue to the next step.

Click ”Next”

Once the progress bar stops you should be presented with the Norton account panel. From here you can either enter your account details to log in to an existing Norton account or you can choose to register a new one. A Norton account is required if you wish to take advantage of backing up your data online.

Click “Next”

Click “Finish” when you have checked the details on the proceeding page.

Completing The Installation – Quick Scan

Norton will attempt to quickly scan your computer for any errors, infections, and other security software. You will be presented with a progress screen while this continues and, once complete, you are able to start using Norton 360 to protect yourself and optimize the performance of your computer and your Internet access.

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