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Top 10 Absolutely Free PC Tools

1. Best Internet Browser – Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer is a reasonable browser in its own right and the majority of computer users still use it because of its accessibility and the fact that it is pre-installed on most computers. However, it is not without its problems. Because of its popularity it has become seriously prone to spyware attacks and, separately, it has become dated with a lack of tabbed browsing and other functions.

Mozilla Firefox is an incredibly powerful, safe, and user-friendly browser. Tabbed browsing makes for easier browsing and less desktop clutter. It almost completely eradicates security issues and once its open and running it is considerably faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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2. Best Free Popup Blocker – Google Toolbar

Google toolbar does have its limitations in terms of popup blocking but because of its combination of ease and effectiveness it is the best free popup blocker for novice users, in particular. Once you have installed the Google toolbar you will barely even notice that it is there doing its job. As well as blocking all popups, the toolbar enables you to use the control button for opening popups from a single page as well as the option to allow popups from any trusted domains. To remove popup programs entirely you will need a good free antispyware utility.

3. Best Free Anti-Spyware – Spybot Search & Destroy
Free anti-spyware programs rarely, if ever, offer the same complete protection and security that their paid counterparts offer. Spybot Search & Destroy comes as close as possible though. The immunization feature is among the most powerful available on any free package and the TeaTimer function enables real time scanning and protection. Spybot, unfortunately, does not offer the same level of protection as other paid offerings do.

4. Best Free Anti-Virus – AVG Free Edition
We all know how important our online security is. Spyware may be the latest in thing when it comes to malicious software but viruses are still rife and still potentially lethal for your computer. AVG offer a free anti-virus application that is surprisingly powerful considering its price. The user interface is intuitive and scanning is relatively quick. AVG Free is best suited to performing real time protection and this is the one area where it almost competes with commercial anti-virus software.

5. Best Free Office Application – Open Office
Microsoft Office is a widely used software suite that offers everything from word processing software to databases and presentation software. The problem is that the latest version of Microsoft Office is far from cheap. All open office applications enable users to open, edit, and save documents in the equivalent Microsoft format so there are no cross system problems.

6. Best Free File Zip Utility – 7-Zip
There are a surprisingly large number of file archiving utilities available but 7-Zip gains our recommendation for a number of reasons. 7-Zip is one of very few free utilities that can admirably handle RAR archives. RAR archives offer the greatest level of compression but they are also notoriously difficult to cope with. The program is simple to download, simple to install, and equally simple to use.

7. Best Free Registry Cleaner – EasyCleaner
EasyCleaner is a free registry cleaner that only cleans files that have definite problems and will not cause problems in the process. This is achieved through the use of a regularly updated blacklist. This blacklist contains all of the registry entries and values that should not be deleted from your system. EasyCleaner also features a registry backup function, invaluable for programs of this type, but does not enable automated scanning or cleaning. Also check out our preferred complete commercial registry cleaner here.

8. Best Free File Cleaner – CCleaner
CCleaner, short for Crap Cleaner, enables you to potentially free up masses of disk space by removing unnecessary and unwanted files from your hard drive. It is much more effective at removing temporary files, cookies, and history than doing the job manually and is almost as powerful as some of the commercial tracks eraser entries in this class. CCleaner also comes packaged with its own registry cleaner, but as yet this doesn’t come up to the same level as EasyCleaner or commercial products.

9. Best Free File Shredder – Eraser
There are many reasons why you might want to securely erase files and other documents from your computer. The most basic but essential of these is personal security and privacy. Eraser offers several settings for the number of times to cross a file while deleting making deleted files impermeable to software that will undelete files.

10. Best Free File Recovery Application – Smart FAT Recovery
We’ve all lost files and programs that we desperately needed to keep. Data loss can happen for any number of reasons but it is equally damaging whatever the reason. Smart FAT Recovery will not only recover files from your hard drive but from Flash drives and many other drives.

Another Great free tool that I recommend (we'll call it no. 11) is Hijackthis, although for advanced users- this application will scan all your PCs running processes and registry processes and then enable the user to easily fix items that are known as malicious or potentially unwanted. You can download it from majorgeeks or download.com

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